Terms & Conditions

1.Payment Terms
a. Token amount (Non-Refundable) of 10 % of the total billing amount is to be paid as Confirmation amount for booking the date. If and once this amount is paid, this amount is not refundable under any circumstances. If the date is changed, it is to the discretion of Orion Caterer if the amount shall be adjusted.
b. 80% of the billing amount (over and above the booking amount) to be paid in advance, 10 days before the function.
c. Balance amount and other adjustments (if any) as detailed in the final bill, to be paid on the day of the function.

2. Payment details — mode of payment to be finalized while making the advance payment.
3. Confirmation should be given by an email or a signed work order from the guest.
4. Orion Caterer shall guarantee that there is no shortage of food for a maximum number of 5% over and above the guarantee figure however the extra plates beyond the minimum guaranteed plates shall be charged the same plate cost. Beyond an excess of 5% on the minimum guaranteed plates the food will be served till exhaustion.
5. The Guarantee number of pax must be given 7 days in advance and cannot be reduced.
6. We would also request that the finalization of the menu to be done 7 days in advance and no changes in the menu shall be entertained thereafter.
7. We would like to reiterate that our rates are based on the guarantee figure given by you during negotiation. Decrease in guarantee at a later date shall increase the rate on a pro-rata basis.
8. Dinner functions beyond 12 midnight must be intimated in advance and an hourly service charge shall be levied. The hourly charge is subjective to the location of the venue, availability of public conveyance, business importance of the date of the event etc.
9. It is not incumbent on the caterer to pack leftover food from the party.
10. Tables with frills and table cloth, along with the food canopy to be done from the host’s side. Orion Caterer would not provide any floral arrangements, electrical equipment or decoration items.
11. An adequate kitchen area with water connection, electrical point, tables and chowkis to be provided by the host.
12. The host should ensure with the people in-charge of the venue that at least for three hours from the close of the party, adequate lights should be there for winding up.
13. Live counters, tandoor or any such cooking arrangement is dependent on the permission at the venue.

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